Subaru Trade-Up Advantage Program

What is the Subaru Trade-Up Advantage Program?

The Subaru Trade Up Advantage program allows eligible customers to trade in their current Subaru for a new model. Eligibility requirements may include a certain leasing period, vehicle mileage, trade-in value, and vehicle condition. It's usually only available to those who have positive equity on their lease. Here are some exclusive advantages you may enjoy when participating in this program:

  • A personalized trade offer.
  • Access to a new Subaru model.
  • Fewer maintenance costs.
  • A renewed warranty.
  • Access to new technology features.
  • Possibility of a lower monthly payment.

To receive your personalized offer and trading options for your leased Subaru, enter your contact information to get started and experience the Apple Subaru Trade Up Advantage Program.

The Subaru Trade-Up Advantage


Trading in your vehicle can offer a lot of benefits, including:

Newer Model

For most trade-ins, customers can replace their older Subaru with a newer model. This can allow you to experience more luxury features and an upgraded vehicle appearance. Having a newer model may also allow you to enjoy a more comfortable interior or in-car technology, such as an upgraded stereo system or heated seats.

Better Safety Features

The safety features of most car models, especially those made by Subaru, often upgrade each year. Subaru often gets great ratings for their safety features. This includes the blind-spot warning and automatic emergency braking features. Trading in your current vehicle to get a newer model can ensure that the safety features in your car are even more enhanced than your latest Subaru model.

Lower Monthly Payments

Depending on the current equity status of your car loan, you may be able to negotiate a lower monthly payment. This is because, as a valued customer, the dealership can review your payment history to recognize your ability to address the payment each month. Having a lower monthly payment can help you save for other purchases or allow you to pay more than the monthly minimum, which increases your equity at a faster rate.

Preserves Vehicle Value

Trading in your vehicle while it's still a newish model can help ensure that your vehicle has more value. This is because older models may not warrant a high trade-in value. Trading your car in a few years after you began the lease can ensure that the car you're trading in is still a model from a recent year. Then, you can drive the new model for one or two years before starting the trading process again.

Trading Process

Here are some steps in the Trade Up Advantage Program's process:

Contact Apple Subaru

You can contact Apple Subaru by visiting our location in York, Pennsylvania. Here, you can speak with a representative about the program who can help you begin the process of valuing your current vehicle for trade. You can also review our staff directory or call us to speak with a representative.

Get Your Trade-In Value

You can get your trade-in value by speaking directly with a representative or getting started yourself by using Apple Subaru's trade-in value calculator. To learn the trade-in value for your car, you offer information about your vehicle, including factors like:

  • Vehicle year.
  • Brand.
  • Model.
  • Style.
  • Engine transmission.
  • Mileage.
  • Vehicle color.
  • Additional features.
  • Condition.
  • Your ZIP code.

Apply Your Trade-In Value to a New Subaru

Complete the trade-in process by speaking to a representative at Apple Subaru. They can help you understand your trade-in report and make recommendations for your trade-in. Often, you're able to apply the trade-in value for your current vehicle to the balance of a newer Subaru model. Your selection can depend on the specific vehicles currently in stock. 

With the help of a sales representative, you can take a Subaru model for a test drive around the York vicinity to decide if you like the feel and features of the vehicle. Once you make your decision, you can begin a new lease contract. 

How To Get a Good Trade


Here are some good tips that can help you get a good trade:

Resolve Any Mechanical Issues With Your Vehicle

If there are any mechanical issues with your vehicle, it's helpful to resolve them before you go to the dealership to receive your trade-in value. This is because an unresolved mechanical issue can lessen the trade-in value because, without knowing the full effect of the issue, the dealership may need to assume the worst regarding your vehicle's condition.

For example, if your check engine light is on, the issue could be as minor as a loose gas cap. It could also indicate a more serious issue, which the dealership may assume. To prevent this, go to a mechanic to diagnose any issues you notice with your vehicle.

Negotiate the Trade-In Value

Research the trade-in value of your vehicle before going to the dealership to learn the range you might expect. Having this knowledge can help you negotiate with the sales representative to earn a higher trade-in value. You can also separately negotiate the price of the car you're trading for. To get the best deal, it's best to first negotiate your trade-in value and then the price of the new vehicle. This can help you earn the best rate for each.

Clean Your Car

To help raise the appeal of your vehicle, clean both its interior and exterior. This can help your vehicle appear more quality and may help raise the trade-in value. Consider washing the outside and vacuuming the inside. You may also want to remove any distracting modifications or personal decorations you put on your vehicle, as this may distract the representative, which could affect the trade-in value.

If you're thinking of getting a new car, taking advantage of Apple Subaru's trade-in process is a great way to ensure you get the best deal. Visit Apple Subaru to find your new Subaru model or contact us today to learn more.

It’s easy to see if you’re eligible for a Subaru Trade Up Advantage® offer! Find out now and start enjoying the benefits.

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