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If you're thinking of getting rid of your vehicle, let Apple Subaru help you make the process quick and stress-free. We'll look over your ride, evaluate its value, and offer you it all within the blink of an eye. The best part is that you can choose to apply that money to a new ride or walk away with your cash. At Apple Subaru, we want to simplify the traditionally complicated car-selling process for our York, Pennsylvania, customers. Read on to learn more about our process and how you can prepare for success.

Sell your car, simply

Come in on your time and leave with payment in hand.

Key Vehicle Information

If you're ready to sell your car or motorcycle, know that you can visit Apple Subaru for a free appraisal of your vehicle.

Trade-In Appraisal

We'll provide you with a competitive offer on your vehicle and you can take a few days to decide. Then, you can sell your vehicle to our Pennsylvania Subaru dealership and get money for your trade!

Buy A New Car or Keep Your Money

You can apply your trade-in offer to a down payment on a new vehicle or motorcycle from us or walk away with some extra money in your bank account. You can do either at Apple Subaru!

How Do We Come Up With Your Offer?

The appraisers at our York, PA, Subaru dealership are experienced and will provide you with an offer that you're sure to love! There are a few factors we consider when appraising your vehicle:

Vehicle Condition

We'll carefully examine your ride's interior and exterior to ensure everything's working. While you can expect normal wear and tear for a used vehicle, we'll keep a remarkable eye out for anything that may go beyond affecting how the ride performs. Some significant parts and systems we'll pay attention to include the engine, brakes, and tires.

Features & Packages

If you paid extra for any optional add-ons when you purchased your vehicle, you could rest assured that you won't have to lose out on that investment. We'll consider any luxury or performance features that make your car more desirable. For example, we'll factor in things like heated seats or a navigation system to give you a more accurate offer.

Vehicle History Report

We'll pull a full vehicle history report when you bring your car in for an appraisal. This will tell us more about the vehicle's service and accident records. If you've been in an accident, don't think it will automatically disqualify you from making the sale. We'll also consider regular service, repairs, and how well the car currently runs.

Test-Drive Your Car

To be extra careful, a member of our appraisal team will also take your ride on a quick test drive to ensure that everything functions properly on the road. We'll look over the steering, brakes, and other essential functions. Quick and painless, this test drive should confirm inspection results and get you one step closer to your payment.

What Do I Need To Sell or Trade In My Car?

Vehicle Title

If you have your car's title or payoff information, bring it to your appraisal. If you're not the person listed on the title, make sure that whoever's name is on the document is present.


You'll also want to bring a valid and current registration for the vehicle. This can help us confirm ownership before presenting an offer.

Valid ID

Ensure that every titleholder at the appraisal brings a valid, state-issued ID. This can help us ensure that the car's ownership is accurate and legitimate. Contact us before our meeting if you have any additional questions about identification requirements.


Be sure to bring any keys or accessories associated with the vehicle. This can include keys, key fobs, or any remotes. When in doubt, bring anything you have, just in case. A missing key may not disqualify your ride for sale, but it might affect your offer.

Our Offer Is Good For Six Days.

More Car Selling FAQs for Drivers

No! You can simply sell us your car and walk away with your offer.

There are many factors we look into when appraising a vehicle. We'll look at the car's make, model, year, mileage and its vehicle history report. Additionally, we'll take a look at the condition of your vehicle to see if there are any major defects that could impact the offer. We'll take a test-drive of your car as well and if any repairs are needed, we may need to make adjustments on your offer.

We'll write you a check the same day you sell us your car.

Yes! In many cases, you can sell a leased ride. Much like any financed car without a title, we'll appraise the vehicle and then contact your leasing company for a payoff quote. Whether you can sell it can depend, then, on if the leasing company would agree to make an offer.

No, it's not required. Although, an appointment will help save you time when you visit!

You can do a few things if your car has negative equity, meaning that you have more to pay off than our offer. We'll include any negative equity in your financing offer if you want to purchase a new ride from us. If you don't want to buy a new vehicle yet, we can help you calculate the difference you owe, which you can pay us directly.

In many cases, this is possible. However, it may require additional identification and a conversation with the company. Our helpful finance center can help you go over your options if this is something you're looking into.

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