The Apple Subaru parts department is here to help you. When you need original Subaru parts or accessories, you'll find that our service department has more extensive choices than the big chain outlets. We also Subaru offer coupons and specials to help you save hundreds of dollars on the parts needed for your upgrades, repairs, or maintenance. 

Our service department's parts coupons and specials change regularly, so consider checking in often to learn about our latest offers and deals. With our genuine Subaru parts inventory, we're confident that you can find exactly what you're looking for. 

Find the Right Parts for Your Car at Apple Subaru

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Our parts center is in York, Pennsylvania, and we offer customers a wide range of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Subaru parts and accessories to choose from. We know our brand has an extensive lineup of cars that ranges from sedans and coupes to SUVs and trucks.

As you may expect, each model has its unique set of functions and components. Our expert technicians can confidently identify and declare which parts of your car need to be repaired or replaced so your vehicle runs smoothly again. Here's a list of the most common parts Subaru owners are looking for when they visit our service center:

  • Brakes.

  • Air filters.

  • Brake pads.

  • Oil filters.

  • Cabin filters.

Complimentary Amenities

If you want to have your parts installed or repaired, you can sit back and relax in our service center's complimentary lounge. You're more than welcome to wait as our experienced mechanics work diligently on your car. You can work on your laptop while connected to our free Wi-Fi or enjoy a coffee. If you're just visiting our parts center for a quick purchase, we're still more than pleased to provide you with information and guidance on which parts are best for your car and needs as a Subaru owner. 

Request Your Subaru Parts Today in York

Suppose you're ready to purchase parts or accessories for your car. In that case, you can contact our service center to learn about our current inventory and find out whether we have what your vehicle needs. We have many authentic Subaru parts, including batteries, bumpers, and filters. Contact our parts department directly to ask about available inventory and our newest coupons and specials. We're happy to discuss which parts best fit your specific car. 

If our parts center needs to have what you're looking for, consider filling out the request form on our website. Simply provide your contact details and enter the description of your car, including mileage, model, and year. After that, you can specify which parts you need and submit your request. One of our representatives will contact you by phone or email to discuss the plan going forward.

Buy Genuine Subaru Car Parts and Accessories Online

You can also check available Subaru parts on our website. Our online service department is your one-stop shop for authentic Subaru parts and accessories. We offer various OEM car components that fit your vehicle perfectly, from exterior accessories to performance parts.

There are several benefits to buying genuine parts over aftermarket or generic products. These include:

Long-Term Cost

Aftermarket parts can lead to additional costs by breaking and causing wear to other components of your vehicle. That's why investing in genuine or OEM parts saves you money in the long run. They last longer and fit better. They also require less frequent replacements or repairs and can help extend the life of your vehicle. 


Genuine parts have the exact technical specifications as the ones initially installed in your vehicle, so they're designed to fit perfectly. Additionally, they adhere to the manufacturer's production standards, which means their quality is the same as the parts used when the car was first assembled. 


You also choose to maintain your car's superior operation and safety by purchasing genuine or OEM parts. Since genuine parts are of higher quality, they don't cause damage to your vehicle or its performance. This is especially true for work vehicles and sports models. 


Many replacement parts pretend to be reliable, but their materials and design aren't manufactured according to the automaker's requirements. Those parts are also of inferior quality and can sometimes negatively affect the entire system, even if they're smaller components. The specifications of generic or aftermarket parts are usually less precise, as their thickness and basic specifications are modified for budget purposes. Genuine parts, however, won't only wear more slowly but also promote better long-term reliability.


Genuine parts won't cause any compatibility issues because of how they were designed. They can be installed quickly, and your car will operate as before. On the other hand, generic parts require adjustments or modifications to fit, which can cause further issues.

Check Our Website's Catalog

One of the great things about our products is that you can install these items on any Subaru vehicle. Our online catalog features OEM parts and accessories for WRX, STI, Impreza, BRZ, Ascent, and more. Our website allows you to browse parts or accessories by model, making it easy to find the right items for your Subaru car. Moreover, you won't have to worry about going over your budget as we offer coupons and great deals on OEM Subaru parts and accessories. 

With so many specials and discounts rotating throughout the year, we're confident you can keep your Subaru in great shape for years to come. Our experienced staff is happy to help you with all your auto parts needs. Have a question about our latest parts coupons? Need to order a specific part? Want to schedule an appointment at our parts center? Feel free to contact us at the Apple Subaru of York and one of our team members can get you set up and answer any of your queries.



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