Buying vs. Leasing a New Subaru in York, PA

Buying vs. Leasing a New Subaru in York, PA

If you’ve wanted a new Subaru but don’t know whether to buy or lease, the finance specialists at Apple Subaru are here to help. We can answer any questions you have about buying vs. leasing a new Subaru vehicle, so visit our Subaru dealership in York, PA, for full auto financing details. We can get you the keys to a new Subaru model and assist you in making the correct decision for your lifestyle at our York Subaru dealer.

Buying Leasing
OwnershipPay to own the car and the title of the car is in your namePay for the use of a new Honda and move on once the lease ends
Down PaymentTypically comes with a higher down payment.Usually a smaller down payment, which means less money upfront
Monthly PaymentsTypically higher monthly paymentsUsually lower monthly payments
Mileage LimitsNo mileage restrictionsLease terms will dictate mileage limits
Maintenance/WearResponsible for all upkeep of your vehicle not covered by warrantyService the vehicle according to the dealer’s recommendations

Choosing whether to buy or lease a new Subaru near me is as important of a decision as picking which model is right for you. Buying is great for people who drive often or have long commutes, as there are no mileage restrictions. If you can afford higher monthly payments and a higher down payment, buying puts the title of your Subaru Outback or Forester SUV in your name. Leasing a new Subaru comes with mileage restrictions, but it also typically means lower monthly payments and a lower down payment. You’ll also need to return your leased Subaru Impreza when your lease expires, but you don’t need to worry about reselling the car or maintaining it for years on end. Buying and leasing each have their positive attributes, so it’s important to meet with our Subaru finance team at Apple Subaru when you’re prepared to buy or lease a new Subaru model.

If you’re ready to move forward in your Subaru financing process, schedule a test-drive at our Pennsylvania Subaru dealership. We’ll help you learn if buying or leasing is right for you and get you the keys to a Subaru model you’ll love. Be sure to check our new Subaru specials regularly, so you can stay up to date on offers for your favorite Subaru models. When you’re looking to buy or lease a new Subaru nearby, Apple Subaru will provide all the assistance you’ll need!

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